Monday, February 14, 2011

No more excuses

Barbara and Curt invited me and Jett out to a special valentines day lunch today. They got me a pink rose and some weight watchers chocolate pecan clusters. Jett got a really cute card, a tiny puppy that says ruff ruff I love you, and some spiderman shaped chocolates. They took us to Denny's and I was running late from sleeping in about an hour and then a last minute trip to the hardware store this morning so I never ate breakfast. First time i've actually skipped it in a long ass time. I figured I should be able to order whatever I want since it was a holiday, I hardly ever go to denny's (like 3 times in my life) and without breakfast i figured the calories would be fine to be considered as my breakfast and lunch. I ordered a grand slam and while they did have the options of whole wheat pancakes or turkey bacon or egg whites... i instead got the real things and also some hashbrowns. After I got home and looked it all up I saw that it was about 915 calories. *_* About 85% of my whole day's worth. Yikes... that made me very full instantly seeing those numbers. I drank water the rest of the day and then had campbells vegetable beef soup for dinner. Here it is 11pm and im ready for bed and still not hungry. That video was right about soup being sooo filling. I'm so glad I didnt snack tonight or eat anything extra after todays lunch.

Man next time I'm going to be more careful with what I eat when going out no matter what. NO MORE EXCUSES! Just because its a holiday doesn't mean my body stops gaining fat.

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