Friday, February 11, 2011

Down but not discouraged

Okay so today I started out feeling pretty great and ate a decent breakfast then we left the house and stayed gone all day so I made a couple of really poor food choices. We had Mcdonalds for lunch and then Chinese Buffet for dinner. I went overboard at dinner and went back for a 2nd plate of everything. And then after I sat down with my plate I instantly felt full already but decided since i already got the food i better eat it anyways since it looked so good.

Ugh... that was terrible to admit. But im not claiming to be perfect here, I'm sharing my struggles along with all my accomplishments.

When I finally got home I immediately hopped on my Wii Fit and did all my exercises. When I got to the 10 minute Free Step I turned on my mp3 player and really pushed myself hard to get as many steps in as i possible could. By the time I finished though the music was still going loud and my body felt great with my heartrate up and moving around so I felt like jogging around the room and said well wait a minute I'll just go ahead and turn on my 10 minute free run and do it too. So I did. That was the first time I've done them both and I did them back to back. I felt really great and pushed myself very hard in it too. After that I did my bootcamp dvd and the entire time I was doing the weights I could feel my arms literally burning. I had to keep looking down to see if they were red or not. To my surprise they werent too red, but they were very sweaty. lol.

I'm off to go do my last 30 minute dvd then to bed.

Tomorrow is a whole new day!

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