Saturday, January 15, 2011

2011 - A New year, a new me.

Starting back on my weightloss journey full force this time. Going to use my Wii Fit that I got for my birthday and do workout videos and hopefully some walking and other things. My biggest struggle is with what to eat so maybe I will figure out what I can and can't eat and actually stick to it.

There is a new show on MTV called I Used To Be Fat and its sparked my inspiration to change myself and do it now. I only wish I could afford a personal trainer. lol

Starting Measurements:
Bust - 51 in
Waist - 53 in
Hips - 58 in
Arms - 17 in
Thighs - 31 in
Calves - 19 and 1/2 in
Neck - 16 and 1/2 in

Starting Weight: 273 lbs

Each time I reach a new goal I want to put some money in my new clothes fund. Just depends on how much I have. I'm broke for now but hoping to have a job real soon.

1st Goal: 264 lbs - how much I weighed the day I gave birth to my son
Reward: New bed sheets
Met this goal on 1/25/11. Rewarded myself with a trip to the Lakeview Lodge to go see my friend perform for the first time in my hometown area. He's the lead singer for a local Dallas band that rocks my freaking socks. He bought me a shot of whiskey that night and played one song just for me. :)

2nd Goal: 250 lbs
Reward: Manicure
Met this goal on 2/24/11. Rewarded mysef with painting my own nails for the first time in a few months and then going out to catch a new movie with a friend. :)

3rd Goal: 225 lbs - my pre-pregnancy weight.
Reward: Pedicure
Met this goal on 5/6/11. Rewarded myself with getting a few new clothes in my size. Mostly stuff that was really cheap at yardsales or won from since I know it wont be long before I'm too small to wear them anymore! :)

4th Goal: 199 lbs - i haven't been under 200 lbs since early high school
Reward: New Haircut
Met this goal on 7/23/11. Rewarded myself with a ticket to see Blink 182 in September!! My favorite band ever and I've never once been to a show! I can't wait!

5th Goal: 185 lbs
Reward: New hair color

6th Goal: 173 lbs
Reward: Go see a new movie

7th Goal: 163 lbs
Reward: New shoes

Final Goal Weight: 150 lbs
Reward: New clothes shopping spree and a celebratory girls night out.

And now here are my Day 1 photos


  1. You are so much braver than I am woman. Anytime I look at myself naked in the mirror I have a mental breakdown. There's no way I could have physical documentation of it. My end goal weight is 160. I guess after I have Abby, I'll figure out what my between goals are. I'll be watching so you better keep up with your weight loss, lol. Good luck!

  2. lol I need to see it... its part of the motivation to get rid of it. And I know once its all done with I'll be glad I have before and after pictures. lol. I edited out my tattoos though lol wasnt brave enough to show my face or anything like that. i took these after i got out of the tub tonight which is why theres a towel hanging off my head. haha