Wednesday, January 19, 2011

More energy already.

Only just a few days in and I can already feel my energy level is higher than it's been in a long time. I woke up early this morning for a WIC appointment but made sure I set my alarm far back enough that I would have time to eat breakfast too. After we were done there I stopped at the store to get some things. I found a lot of meals I could eat for whenever my parents are having something I shouldnt or whenever its just me here at the house, etc. I didn't see any drinks I wanted to get though.

On the drive home I ate a Lunchable my mom sent us off with this morning and decided that would be my lunch today. I made sure to pick the one that didnt come with cookies. lol. I saved that one for Jett and he ended up rejecting the oreos, too. :) I even insisted and he firmly told me NO!

Got on my Wii Fit after putting away all the groceries and beat a lot of my old top scores. My trainer kept telling me good job and it made me smile. I know its only a machine... but it's still really nice to hear. Jett tried to do some of the exercises with me again but this time he actually managed to mostly stay out of my way. I got up to 54 minutes in my fitness bank and then my dad comes over and says he needs to do some shopping and wanted to see if we wanted to go with. I figured why not since we'd be going to the other Walmart this time and they might actually have some good drinks. I found Sobe Life Water in several different flavors and decided it sounded good. I have yet to try any but I'll let you know what I think when I do.

On the ride to the store I felt a little hungry from working out and decided to have that granola bar I passed up last night. It was delicious but Jett decided he wanted part of one of the bars so I didn't quite eat it all myself. After we came back home I went ahead and finished up doing more on the Wii Fit and ended up with an hour and 5 minutes logged for the day.

When I first got on and did my Body test it said I was down to 267.8 lbs. After I finished for the day though I decided to do another Body test just to see where I was at again and it said 268.7 lbs. I know your weight fluctuates up and down throughout the day around 1-3lbs at different times so that could have been why I guess. But either way... It feels great to be under 270.


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