Thursday, January 20, 2011

Good news...

So this might be a little tmi for some of you... but it's something I'm excited about that I felt I should share here.

Aunt Flo showed up yesterday and was here full force today. Some of you might be thinking why is that good news? lol. Well for me it is. Not because of a pregnancy scare, that's not even a chance haha. But because I was looking through my personal records and noticed she only came once for me the entire year of 2010. I think it was largely due to me being overweight and unhealthy. I know severely obese women can even become infertile and so I was starting to get scared I may have messed my body up so bad that I could never have another kid if I someday decided to do so. It's a huge relief that things are getting back on track with my reproductive system and I feel like its all because I'm working so hard on myself to get my life back.

In other news, I think I ate rather well still and the longer I go without breaking into any chips or dip or other random crap throughout the days, the better I feel about myself. I tried to force myself to eat a salad today even though I hate lettuce. Its one of those Bistro Ready Pacs, a cobb salad, and says its just 290 calories for the entire thing. It had egg, ham chunks, bacon, and it came with bleu cheese dressing. I hate that dressing so i said no to it easily. The lettuce was hard but the other food looked so good i thought i could just shove it all in there and chew it up anyways. I did manage to get about half of it eaten before i just decided to pick out the ham and egg and bacon pieces. lol.

I unlocked a new feature on my Wii Fit today that allows me to free step for 10 minutes. I loved that and even changed the pace halfway through. I ended up doing about 924 steps in 10 min. My legs have been feeling it all day. lol I have been doing my Wii workout during the day and then my Workout DVD every night before bed for the last 3 or 4 nights in a row now. I feel like the sections that focus on my abs and on my arms are going to be a little more helpful that way than on the Wii.

I tried 2 of the Sobe Life waters.... they are alright, not great, but they are chock full of vitamins or something I think so meh. I actually prefer plain water to them because they taste kind of sweet and it sorta messes with me wanting something sweet.


  1. I must agree, I do not like flavored water. I would much rather have some regular water...and congrats on sticking to the good stuff! Its very impressive.