Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day four...

I'm holding up alright I think. With the support of my friends on similar journeys as me, I might just be able to keep going without too many setbacks. I opened the freezer to look for a quick meal to make like one of the Smart Choice or Healthy Choice tv dinners since my parents decided to deep fry taquitos tonight. As soon as the door cracked open a bag of Reese's almost fell into my hands. I reached for it and then stopped myself. I closed the fridge and went to look elsewhere. I ended up settling on a Healthy Choice Fresh Mixer instead. Sweet BBQ Chicken & Rice I believe. I had Kashi Go Lean Crunch cereal for breakfast and I accidentally skipped lunch. After dinner I had a turkey sandwich for a snack. We still haven't made a trip to the grocery store so I was stuck with white bread. Tomorrow morning I have a WIC appt to go to and will most likely stop at Walmart on the way home to see what other kinds of healthy foods I can find. I'm still only drinking water and green tea. I wonder if maybe I could find some other kind of healthy thing to drink while I'm there...

I kept meaning to get on the Wii fit today but never got around to it since whenever I wasn't busy, someone else was using the TV. But after I got in my room tonight I put in one of my workout DVD's and did 20 minutes of Aerobics and 10 minutes of Toning and Sculpting exercises. I felt very pumped up full of energy and before the video I had grabbed a granola bar to bring over here with me, but afterwards I feel so good I'm not even hungry for it anymore. I'm filling up on water instead.

Speaking of water... these last 4 days I've gotten up about twice a night just to pee! My bladder hates me. lol


  1. try the V8 splash. in moderation, it will give you a break from water and help with the fruit and veggies side of your diet, but like i said...moderation, for the sugar. not sure how much sugar's in it, but in moderation, it should be fine. that's what my mom drinks between her water...i think 2 glasses a day or something.

  2. Oh I like to drink the newer one the V-fusion that has your daily serving of both fruits and veggies instead of just veggies. I've also been getting the newest ones that are V-fusion + Green Tea. Those are great too. I ended up buying some Sobe Life Waters though in 9 different flavors. lol.