Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Met my first goal!

So I know the scale goes up and down on the daily but today when I weighed in I was 263.5 lbs!!!! I'm freaking ecstatic. I have dropped 10 lbs in 10 days. Now I know that's not going to be the norm. I know its easiest to drop the most at first and then plateau a bit. But none of that matters much to me right now. I'm still gonna be happy. haha. Yay! My first goal was 264 since that's how much I weighed on the day I gave birth. I can't believe how soon I've already met that goal!!! I am soo very happy right now. :D

We were out running around today and I took Jett to Mcdonalds to run around and bought him a happy meal. I refrained from snatching a fry or a nugget piece from him. I waited until we left there to head over to walmart and then stopped in to subway. I found one of their nutrional guides and took my time to find out just exactly what i could have without going over my calorie limits and was very pleased with my decisions. :)


  1. You'll still plateau a little bit, but if you're changing up your exercise routing every 2 weeks or so, you shouldn't plateau too much. :)

    Good job so far!