Monday, January 31, 2011

I'm up way too late...

but figured I better post real quick before I head off to bed...

I went walking with Jett today because the weather was soo beautiful outside. Apparently a cold front is about to hit here and its going to get really bad very soon. After that all passes though I hope to do a lot more walking. I noticed I was a lot more energized this time than I was the last time I went walking. I was less out of breath when climbing hills and seemed to keep a faster and more steady pace so I'm pleased with myself.

I decided just for the sake of setting a goal date that I hope to have reached my goal by Jett's 3rd birthday. Maybe that's unrealistic, but maybe its not. I will have a better feel for it when the day grows closer though. Thats about 2 weeks and 6 months away from now. I marked the days on my calendar so I would know how many days left, sorta like they did on that I Used to be Fat show. So as of Monday I will have 195 days left to reach my goal. Here's hoping that's attainable!

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