Sunday, January 16, 2011

I am strong.

There is a community center type place not too far away, but not exactly close either, that I'm really thinking about going to go use their gym at least once a month. I think it would be nice to be able to use some actual equipment like treadmills and stuff and would be a nice motivator, etc. A gym membership there is a little pricey but if you just pay for the day its only $5. I think if I can talk Ashley in to going with me once a month that would be great for the both of us. I'm sure I can figure out someone to watch Jett for me at least that one day each month for a few hours.

I didn't get up as early as I planned to today so I got a late start and my first meal of the day wasn't until like 1pm so I pretty much missed breakfast. I'll probably snack on something after dinner to make up for it though.

So far I did good yesterday evening after making my decision to really dig into my goals. That being said, before I had decided that I already ate a cupcake that morning. lol. But today has been mostly good so far. I had a bologna sandwich for lunch and all we had was white bread so thats what I ate. Instead of grabbing a bag of chips to go with it though I cut up some fresh strawberries and baked some sweet potato fries. I feel good and more satisfied than I would have had I just grabbed chips. In front of the computer I'm sitting at now there is a box of milkduds I opened up 2 nights ago and talked myself out of halfway through the box. I looked at it just now and talked to it. Yes. I talked to it. I told it that I was better than it and that my body was something I cared about more than how good it tasted. I was sure to read the ingredients and see just how yucky it really was. I love caramel and always have, so turning down milkduds is a huge thing for me. I'm shaking the box in my hands now....




I put the box back down. It's just candy... it is not smarter than me and it is not something I want to be beaten by ever again. Fuck you candy. Fuck you very much.


As soon as my brother and dad turn off the football and head out to their scout meeting in the next few minutes I'm gonig to go hop on my Wii Fit. I'm off to go refill my water bottles now.

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