Saturday, January 22, 2011

I talked to Marci!

I met Marci from I Used to be Fat on facebook the other day and got a chance to talk to her last night! OMG! I feel a little starstruck even though she's just a regular person. lol. It's mostly because I really look up to her after all she did for herself, even though she was kinda whiny and reluctant in the begining, she never did give up! (Nevermind that my last name says Galvez, haha I had to change it for a facebook game, it'll be back to normal in a few more days)

If my best friend ate chips and queso in front of me like that when she knew I was trying to lose some weight.... I think I might have murdered her. lol. I was just wondering do you eat chips or queso at all any more? Like in moderation or did you just completely take those things out of your life?
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    • Marci Allison Levine If I was going to eat those types of things still,it would be chips and Salsa! :)
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    • Jennifer Galvez Okay, thanks! You are such a huge inspiration! I'm working on changing how I eat now too and exercising everyday. Thanks for showing me its possible to drop all that weight without surgery!
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    • Marci Allison Levine not a problem girlie!! If you need anything at all just give me a holler!! :)
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    • Jennifer Galvez ‎:D Thanks!
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And here is something helpful I saw someone else ask about what her diet and exercise was like during the show and her response.

Marci Allison Levine During the show Diet - oatmeal and eggwhites breakfast,grilled chicken Green vegetable lunch,low calorie soup or salad dinner. Workouts were bootcamp drills,football drills and were 4-8 hours a day. Now- Diet is the same and I work out by myself 2-3 times a week an hour at a time! Hope this helped! Comment with any other questions!!! :)
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Someone else asked her how many calories each day that it was and she said 1200!

I think I can try keeping it down to like 1200 calories a day and working out as much as possible.

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