Saturday, January 29, 2011


I was brought to my first Buffet while on my diet yesterday. I was tempted to eat so many random things yet I think I managed to keep things somewhat under control. I still ate more than I wanted to though and will have to work harde on that next time. I pretty much never ate dinner yesterday because I feel like I had too many calories at lunch.

I went out for the first time in a long time last night to go see an old friend of mine who is a pretty popular musician in the Dallas area. He actually came down to my small town area and play a pretty awesome show. I was kinda sad that I was like the only one who actually came just to see him while everyone else was just there to shoot pool, drink, and hang out. But it was kinda amazing all at the same time because it was like he was putting on the show just for me. haha. I was the only one up front of the stage singing along to half his songs and just being supportive and stuff. He even let me pick a song and dedicated it to me and then later in the night between songs he publicly thanked me by first and last name for coming out to see him tonight. lol. He's such a really cool down to earth kinda person and fun to be around but I can't help but still feel a tiny bit starstruck around him all at the same time. I always have a great night when I go see him or his band play though. I hope someday the whole band will be able to come down and play for us around here. Maybe we can get more people to show up now that some others around here have heard him and really liked him.

Several times after his shows he's invited me to go hang out with him and the band and I've gone and had a great time. He invited me to an afterparty last night as well but it was taking forever for the other people to finally get ready and lock up the place and leave by then it was almost 3am so even though I stuck around an extra 2 hours after he quit playing for it I told him I was going to have to go ahead and had back home since I had to be up with my kid the next day. He understood and thanked me for staying as long as I did anyways.

I was starving by the time I left there and wanted to eat something so bad when I finally made it home but luckily the fridge with food in it is next door and I didnt want to wake anyone else up so I just went to my room and crashed. I had a couple drinks last night and sobered up before I left but by the time I got home I was getting a headache and couldnt tell if it was because no food or the alchohol. Maybe it was both. I dunno...

Oh and when I first got there I ran into Renee who offered me some free chili that was at the lodge like twice but I turned it down both times. lol. yay! small victories... I asked her to take a couple pics of me and Justin taking shots of whiskey together that he got for us and I look like such a freaking cow in all the pictures. That just gives me like a whole new rush of feelings towards wanting to lose all this damn weight. I can't wait until I can have pictures taken of me and not worry that they aren't going to look good. lol.

Since I didn't have the cash for new bedsheets, last night was pretty much my reward for my first goal. :D

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