Saturday, January 22, 2011

Something I shared & going out to eat!

Ive got a group of friends on facebook who got me to start a group called Healthy Living where we post everyday and help keep each other motivated sharing our goals and whether or not we are meeting them or falling behind, etc. basically a support group online. :D anyways here is something i just shared with them i wanted to post here too.
So here is what Marci shared on her facebook page about how she lost so much weight last summer. Someone asked her what her diet was like: During the show Diet - oatmeal and eggwhites breakfast,grilled chicken Green vegetable lunch,low calorie soup or salad dinner. Workouts were bootcamp drills,football drills and were 4-8 hours a day. Now- Diet is the same and I work out by myself 2-3 times a week an hour at a time! Hope this helped! Comment with any other questions!!! :)

Someone else asked her how many calories she did each day: 1200 calories a day 5 small meals a day, once your down to your goal weight you can go back to 3 balanced meals a day to maintain!

Then I saw her trainer Justin posted these things on the I Used To Be Fat's facebook page in response to a few different people.

She definitely did not lose weight on that damn beach body nonsense someone posted about. She lost weight by getting her butt kicked and giving 110%... HOOYAH Marci!!


1200-1400 cals and we worked out 4-8 hours a day. We burned anywhere from 4000-6000 a day.


The diet was not just shakes. She ate 5 times a day... 3 actual meals and 2 meal replacements aka shakes.


Just regular protein shakes. Your muscles need to rebuild after working out. Brand doesn't matter... just buy some kind of protein that tastes good to you and drink it after you work out. Hooyah!

I went out and bought myself some Whey Protein powder today to make my protein shakes. :) I'm waiting to hear back from Marci about which ones she recommends. And now I've also found the 3 other people who were on the show so far and will probably ask them about what they did.


I tried the protein shake today... wasnt delicious like i had hoped. lol. oh well. i will be having one after workouts everyday. I hope it really helps.

Today was my first day that I went out to a resturaunt while on my diet. My mom wanted to take me out. I was offered either chinese buffet, cici's pizza buffet, or jalapeno tree mexican resturaunt. So i picked the Jalapeno tree and got online to find something i could eat so I would be prepared before I got there and have my mind made up. Thanks to Melissa for that tip! :D I chose a grilled chicken breast and refried beans. It was delicious and filling. Though I did have a few chips and salsa while I waited, I did not just graze the entire time before my meal arrived like I normally do. I feel good about it overall. Yay for small victories! :D

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