Friday, January 21, 2011

My mom stayed up all last night and rocked with Jett in a chair next door since he wasn't ready to settle down while I was trying to sleep. I ended up sleeping in a few hours this morning even though I set my alarm for 8 originally but I hardly ever get a night of sleep without Jett in the room with me so I decided to go ahead and take advantage of it this one time.

I had breakfast/lunch around 11ish and it was an egg and cheese wrap that I made with that new flatoutbread stuff. I really like it and want to try some of the pizza recipes I found for it that are rather low calorie.

Snacked on some orange slices and a banana between then and dinner.

My dad made this really big lasagna tonight for dinner and i thought about eating something else but he was so happy with how it turned out and made sooo much of it i decided to go ahead and eat it but i just had a small square of it and didnt go back for 2nds even though it was good. I really struggled with the decision to eat it at all in the first place but I sorta missed my 2nd meal of the day since I had a late breakfast so I went ahead. I ended up eating the WW icecream I got myself the other day for desert. I was feeling a little sluggish from all the blood loss today and the other day so I thought it was best to eat it now anyways. I wanted to eat some other kind of snack like a granola bar or something but i was too busy and then it was too late. I've been doing great about not eating a few hours before bedtime so far. :)

I unlocked the Free Run on my WiiFit yesterday too and did it today. I jogged 1.628 miles in ten minutes. I didn't realize I could go that far jogging. I wonder how much different I would do actually jogging instead of just joggin in place... hmmm...

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