Sunday, January 23, 2011

Getting close to my first goal

I feel great today... I am 1 lb away from my first goal!!! I feel like thats crazy. I didn't think I would get so clsoe to reaching a goal this soon. It's been 8 days since I started. I'm feeling great every day so far. I do go up and down on the scale daily but slowly going mroe down than up. I try not to get discouraged when I got back up a pound or so coz I know it changes all throughout the day and whether you've eaten or not. But yay! I can almost taste victory. lol

Today my protein shake actually tasted quite amazing. My friend Amanda recommended I try it with instant coffee and we jsut happened to have some single serve packed in the house that were only 5 calories and didnt have any sugar in them so i figured it was worth a try. The taste improved 110%! I still think I want to try the muscle milk that Marci recommended whenever I run out of this stuff though. :)

My dad warned me today that he tried drinking protein shakes when he was younger and it started to make his fingernails split vertically and that after he quit drinking them they stopped doing that so he thought i should watch out and keep an eye on my fingernails. I think they've probably improved all the different shakes available these days since way back then. But it can't hurt to pay attention to my nails anyways...

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